Sporting life

I’m getting tired
Of hanging around
Think I will marry
And settle down
Because this old night life
This old sport life
Is killing me

I’ve got a letter from my home
Most of my friends are dead and gone
I begin to worry, I begin to wonder
About days to come

My mother used to talk to me
I was young and foolish and couldn’t see
Now I’ve got no mother
My sisters and brothers don’t care for me

I swear I’m going to change my ways
I’m getting older everyday
When I was young and foolish
It was so easy to run and play


Sporting life és un blues lent d’Eric Clapton. La roda d’acords és sempre la mateixa, excepte al final (tabs):

C C7   F7 Fm (o Bb7)

C A7 D7 G7   C A7 D7 G7

Final C A7 D7 G7 en Db7 C7

en C
en D
en E