Sweet child o mine

She´s got a smile that it seems to me
reminds me of chilhood memories
where everything
was as fresh as the bright blue sky

now and then when i see her face
she takes me away to that special place
and if i stared too long
i´d probably break down and cry

wuooh sweet child o´mine
wuoh oh oh oh sweet love of mine

She’s got eyes of the bluest skies
as id ther thought of rain
i hate to look into those eyes
and see an ounce of pain
her hair reminds me
of a war safe place
where as a child i’d hide
and pray for the thunder
and the rain
to quietly pass me by

Aquest és un tema de G’N’R publicat el 1987 al seu àlbum Appetite for destruction. El to original és en Eb, però el que fan és scordatura a la guitarra i davallen tota les cordes mig to i toquen en D.

Acords de guitarra i ukulele. Karaoke. Vídeo amb lletra. Estructura, partitura i tablatura en pdf. Acords amb pdf.


Una versió folk al film Captain fantastic

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